Friday, February 17: Judges 13- Oh the ways of God.

I was struck by the timeline… 40 years of unfaithfulness and then God sends a ‘Savior.’ However, the Savior in the works is just being born, so it would likely be 20+ years for Sampson to grow up before God’s salvation through Sampson can be brought into reality.

Considering all this, it hit me how grand God’s plan is and how it unfolds in His time. God sees the beginning and the end at the same ‘time.’ We, however, are limited by time and can only see the present moment and time that has past.

With all of this spinning in my head, my heart swelled with graciousness for the Lord who has the whole world and all time in His hand. I marveled at how God works and how He moves years in advance to bring His will into being in His appointed time.

I began to think about how God moves… and was awed by the Lord and the way He works…

God, you are never surprised. You are in total control. I bow to You, my Lord and my God. I thank You, Lord for all the ways you have worked in my life… praising You for Your grace and love and providential care. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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