Tuesday, February 7: Judges 4- Wrestlings.

I was fascinated as I read the story of the Deborah. As the story begins Deborah is a prophet who is leading (some translations, ‘judging’ Israel). She is the strength of the people. She is the one who hears from the Lord and she is the one Israel comes to when disputes need to be decided (5). Deborah is an important person.

Deborah’s story raises so many questions for me regarding the role of women. It seems to me that if God raised her up to be a prophet, then it was okay in God’s eyes for a woman to be in leadership. It is not simply that Deborah was leading Israel; she was God’s prophet among the people.

She was even willing that the military honor go to a man, Barak, but his lack of faith caused the military honor to go to a woman, Jael. This part of the story enhances the possibility of women’s roles in ancient Israelite history.

I don’t have a strong sense of the Lord’s voice this morning. It is as if God is allowing me to wrestle with things right now... Wrestle with culture and Scripture and how I maintain God’s Word as the authority in my life…

Lord, I cry to You modeling my words on the psalmist… May the words of my mouth, the thoughts and meditations of heart and mind be pleasing to You and guided by You, my Lord and Redeemer. Amen.


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