Friday, January 27: Joshua 19- Every tribe an inheritance.

Every tribe received an inheritance. The Lord skipped no one.

I thought the same is true to this day. Every believer receives an inheritance. This side of eternity every one of us who follows Jesus receives the Holy Spirit and along with Him spiritual gifts through which we can serve our Lord by serving people in the world. And on the other side of eternity, we receive life with Him for eternity.

Question is, ‘will I develop the inheritance I have been given?’

Israel was given land but they had to develop it. There were some cities and town but Israel had to develop the rest, build roads, more cities, plant vineyards and tend all of it. Inheritance is given but we need to maintain it and make the most from it.

Am I maintaining and making the most of the inheritances I have been given?

Are you?

Think about it, I am…

Lord, I am Yours… my life, my breath, my gifts, my abilities, my body, my limitations, my frailties… I am Yours. I place myself at Your disposal. Use me Lord for Your honor and glory. Amen.


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