Tuesday, January 17: Joshua 10- God wins.

Today in my reading I was reminded that human alliances, no matter how strong they may be, will NEVER stand up against the Lord. When a battle happens, God wins. End of story.

I drifted from Joshua to Revelation where the armies opposed to the Lord. In this final battle God wins.

Next I drifted in my thoughts to Jesus word that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church (Matthew 16:18).

God wins, God wins, God wins…

After writing these last words, I realized that God wins; not me, not any one person, but God wins. I am a foot soldier in the Lord’s army. I might be asked to give my life for His cause… but it is a cause that we can be certain God will win.

As I sat priorities shifted within me… God is central and my role is to serve and honor Him. Joshua marched, not because he was some great man, but because the Lord said, “March.” Joshua and Israel fought, not because they had some master plan to take over the Middle East, but because God said take the land.

The story, then and today, is not about any particular leader of God’s people, it is about the Lord Himself… about the fame of the Lord spreading and people coming to love and serve and follow Him.

Perspective must be maintained. I live to serve the Lord…

To You, Oh Lord, I pledge my life, my love, my all. In Jesus’ name and for Your sake, Oh God, I live and pray. Amen.


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