Saturday, January 28: Joshua 20- .

Cities of refuge are a powerful concept. In life stuff happens and sometimes the stuff is an accident. Should a person die because of an accident? Most of us from a neutral non-involved position would say, NO.

I believe God thinks so too.So He set up Cities of Refuge. In a rough and tumble world where the next of kin could exact punishment for a bodily harm crime up to ‘an eye for an eye’ God establish safe towns. Cities of Refuge were towns where fugitives who believed themselves innocent could flee until a neutral assembly studied the case and gave a judgment. 

Another great stroke of justice God established in Israel…

My pondering turned on the above sentence and I began thinking about the Lord and His pension for justice and His character of love and mercy and grace.

The Lord is the great God… and I sat marveling at His greatness and His character.

Lord, I am so blessed to know You, to have had my eyes opened to the wonder of who You are. To have had my heart strangely warmed to You.

Thank You for opening my eyes and opening my heart to Your person, Your way, Your love. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.


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