Saturday, March 11: Luke 4- An opportune time.

Out of this entire chapter of miracles and teaching by Jesus it was the last three words from verse 13 that arrested my attention. When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time (13). The devil failing to entice Jesus to sin during his time in the wilderness continued to look for an opportune time to come after Jesus again.

I think the devil operates the same way today against all people. He looks for opportune times to entice us to sin. And this got me thinking, what might be my weak spots? What might be opportune times to entice me to sin?

When I am tired… I don’t think and act as I might when I am well rested.

The same goes for when I am stressed, or even sick, particularly when I am coming down with something and don’t yet recognize its effect on me.

I can tend to worry about money and finances, so a chink in my armor can be finances and the devil knows just how to nuzzle his pressures into those chinks.

I have immediate and negative reactions toward whining; so when someone whines to me I often react without grace.

I could continue… when I am anxious about time or pressured driving somewhere, these are more opportune times for the devil to prick and poke and entice me to selfish sin-filled behavior.

By naming some of my weaknesses I hope that I have taken the first step toward victory in these areas…

Oh Lord, help me face my true self and ask for help with my natural weaknesses and forgiveness for all the times I have fallen. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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