Saturday, March 18: Luke 10- A slap in the face from God.


Ugh. Sometime God just slaps me when I open His word. Today was just such a day. He slapped me with the story of the Good Samaritan. When my eyes first noticed the headline, I instantly thought, “Oh, I like this story.” Then as I read it, immediately the rancor of the political turmoil in our country over immigrants flashed in my eyes. Next thoughts erupted, “How would I react if Samaritan was changed to Muslim, and particularly a Muslim from one of those terrorist producing countries.”

Ugh, that’s when the slap of the Holy Spirit hit me.

Samaritans were hated by Israel, so to make His point Jesus puts a Samaritan in the lead role of His parable.

Today’s Samaritan might be a Muslim from Somalia!

Oh Lord, forgive me for my hardened heart…

for not treating everyone and anyone as my neighbor…

for selective love…

Help me, Lord, to love my neighbor as myself as You direct. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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