Tuesday, March 14: Luke 6- The upside down world of Jesus .

So much of this chapter presents the upside down world of Jesus.

This upside down world of Jesus is not a perfect world, or a utopia. Some people will take advantage of other people, evil exists and creates havoc and pain for others but the people following Jesus will (are supposed to) respond in beyond natural human ways. It is a world where the poor today are the rich of tomorrow, where love is a person’s response to evil people and their hurt-filled actions, and where the appropriate response to a curse is to bless. This upside down world of Jesus understands that the Sabbath is a gift to humanity and one aspect of loving God on the Sabbath is caring for a fellow human beings and relieving his/her suffering. It is a world where people stop judging and where forgiveness is a way of life.

Living the upside down life of Jesus takes guts. The Jesus-follower will at times, maybe often or even always, lose according to the rules of the normal world. Evil people may take advantage of her/him. This happened to Jesus. The Jesus follower may not amass wealth because they have helped those in need.  However, the Jesus follower will make the world a better place, a more loving place and a kinder, gentler place.

Thinking and writing all of this I realize I have a Long, LONG way to go to be like Jesus…

Oh, God, give me strength to live like Jesus, to live in the upside down world of Jesus teaches us about. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


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