Saturday, March 25: Luke 16- God is still in control.


This is a chapter filled with expressions I find difficult to understand. After working to resolve some of my difficulties, I took a deep breath and prayed a brief prayer, “Lord, allow me to climb on your lap and nestle in Your embrace. Allow me something to feed my heart and soul, not just my mind.”

As I sat a bit longer with the Lord I realized that whether or not I can unravel the difficulties of this chapter, the Lord is still God. And in the end He will make plain what I cannot now understand due to my human limitations.

Surprisingly this gave me solace and comfort. God is God and He knows more than I. There are times and texts I do not understand. Just because I do not know does not mean all is lost because God knows.

This seems to be a strange lesson from this chapter but it is pouring peace into my life. Why? Partly because there are many things happening in my world today that are causing me to scratch my head in wonder and bewilderment.

The world seems to be growing more and more polarized by the day. What is so troubling is that good people, faithful people, are deeply divided by the various views.  I don’t understand.

It is as if God is reminding me that He remains in control and I need to trust Him and live faithfully as best I can during these turbulent and often confusing days. The various money themes of this chapter highlight for me that living faithfully means using my money in God honoring ways.

A fitting prayer to conclude today’s time with the Lord seems to be the old hymn:

I surrender all. I surrender all. All to Jesus I surrender. I surrender all… Amen.


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