Wednesday, March 15: Luke 7- An act of grace.


I find the second story, the raising of the widow’s son (vv11-17) fascinating.

We know nothing about this woman beyond the basic facts that she is a widow and her only son has died. We don’t know if she is a faith-filled Israelite or not. Actually we don't even know that she is Israelite, except by inference… she lives in Israel.

She does not ask or beg for a miracle. We don’t know if she knew who Jesus was. She is simply a woman in grief with a low life status; she is a widow and now has no son to care for her.

Jesus makes the first move motivated by compassion, his heart went out to her (13), and so He acts. Sovereignly and decisively Jesus acts. Jesus interrupts the funeral procession and heals the dead man. Barely a word spoken to the widow and only a single command given to the dead man, Young man, I say to you, get up (14). The man sits up and speaks; he is alive.

What a crazy moment that must have been. At the word of Jesus a dead man is made alive. The apostles were likely as open-mouthed as the woman and the funeral procession.

Awe for God, wonder and praise rise up spontaneously. God gets all the glory.  The fame and news of Jesus spreads like wildfire.

What can I take into my life?

Jesus can and does work miracles and when He chooses, miracles happen.

Another thought is that I must be wary of creating some formula about how, why, and when Jesus acts miraculously. He acts at His own prompting. He acts according to His own will.

Oh, God, remove my unbelief… help me to believe You fully. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


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