Friday, April 21: 1Samuel 9- In the midst of life.

This historical sliver of Israel’s history didn’t carry any big God-moment as I was reading. No verse leapt off the page to my heart. It seemed like any historical narrative I could read in any number of books.

But then almost as soon as I finished the chapter a spark hit me… in the midst of life, God shows up!

I found myself quietly saying, “Yes.” Yes, that is how the Lord often works. In the midst of life, a nudge, a thought, a Scripture, a song, a conversation happens and God uses it to direct me.

The Lord doesn’t need extraordinary moments to lead and guide. God doesn’t wait only for special days or moments, God is around me.  He is with me all the time and in everyday moments He is speaking and guiding.

Am I listening?

Saul could have begged off his servant’s suggestion but something told him to listen and his life was forever changed because he stopped to see Samuel. It is apparent that Saul doesn’t even know who Samuel is!

Here’s my challenge growing from my time with the Lord in Samuel 9. Will I keep my eyes and ears open to the Lord’s direction today? In all likelihood it won’t be as life altering as Saul’s but then again it could be. Will I be listening for the Lord’s voice, His nudge, His direction today and will I do this every day?

It doesn’t seem like Saul was necessarily listening for God, so God broke in. As a Christ-follower I have God, the Holy Spirit, in me and with me.  I can do better than Saul. I can be attentive to the Spirit directing me in the midst of life.

Oh, God, I am so blessed that You are a God who speaks, a God who directs and leads and cares and loves. I praise You, Lord, and I ask You to train me in understanding and discerning Your voice when You call… in every way You choose to communicate with me. I love You, Lord. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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