Thursday, April 13: 1Samuel 2- Sin under our noses.

Eli’s story is a sad tale of a respected person who does not deal with sin under his nose. By all accounts Eli himself was a good man. But he allowed his sons to run amuck. They openly and brazenly sinned. Everyone knew their sin. Eli confronted his sons about their sin, but he was not willing to deal with them when they refused to repent and change. He turned a blind eye to the behavior of his sons, but God did not turn a blind eye. The governance and faithfulness of the people of Israel were being harmed.

The Lord may not deal with every person who turns a blind eye to sin within his or her sphere of influence like he did with Eli… but He may. It is within God’s prerogative to handle each case as He sees fit. Whether God deals with our sin in this lifetime or in the moment of our final judgment, we can be certain that God will deal with our sin.

As I sit with the Lord this morning His voice is clear. I am responsible for my life and those under my influence.

First for myself.  Am I examining my life and bringing to the Lord those areas of known sin? Am I sitting with the Lord and listening for His voice warning me about areas of sin that are not obvious to me?

With others in my sphere of authority and influence, am I willing to do the same for them… gently, fairly and redemptively?

Sin, and in particular obvious and open sin, is a big deal to the Lord and should be to us.

Lord, give me true moments of reflection where I can face my life, surrendering myself to You and confessing my sin and failures to You alone who can redeem, forgive and restore. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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