Good Friday, April 14: 1Samuel 3- Learning to know God's voice.

For Samuel to fulfill God’s destiny for his life, Samuel had to grow in knowing the Lord and discerning God’s voice. So the Lord began training Samuel to recognize His voice.

Samuel’s story raises the question for me… Have I learned to recognize God’s voice?

The Lord still speaks to His people. Preeminently the Lord has spoken through Jesus, the Word and through the Bible as the written Word of God. Knowing the Word and studying Jesus are core behaviors if I want to discern the voice of the Lord. These are the baseline for every Christ-follower.

The Lord also continues to speak to individuals through the Holy Spirit. Discerning the nudges, whispers, dreams, visions and promptings of God, the Holy Spirit, is part of a faith-filled life.

Jesus said, ‘My sheep know my voice (John 10:27)… And Samuel’s story reminds me to pay attention to the voice of the Lord and to commit myself to learning to discern God’s voice from all the other voices –the world, the flesh and the devil –that seek to influence me during the course of everyday life.

Oh, Lord, to be faithful to You I must know Your voice, understand Your promptings and to obey as You lead. Teach me and train me. Open my ears to Your voice that I may follow You more faithfully every day of my life. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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