Wednesday, April 26: 1Samuel 13- Choices.

We face choices every day and all day long. Choices move and determine life. Some of our choices are wise, some not so much. Some choices are big and others little.

Saul made a HUGE foolish choice.

Saul was losing the heart of his men who were growing impatient, so he acted. While decisive action is the mark of a leader; the choice a leader makes also reveals her or his character. Saul chose to cross a faith line. He disregarded the Lord’s command and offered unauthorized sacrifice. In his day this was a significant breach of faith. Saul sought to appease God rather than listen to the Lord.

One lesson of the Old Testament is “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams” (1Sam 15:22)

As I ponder this episode from Saul’s life I am wondering about my own living. Is it my instinct to obey the Lord or attempt to appease Him by acts of sacrifice… giving money, serving others, etc., that drives my actions? I realize that giving money and serving others are good things, so was animal sacrifice in the OT, but why am I doing these things? Am I trying to buy God’s love and care or am I doing them because I know they reflect the heart of a Christ-follower?

I realize there is a fine line of motivation that differentiates these two similar actions. As I ponder my inner world of motivation, I am realizing it is not always apparent what my motivation truly is and, yet, this quest is spiritually healthy. It is part of a life lived openly and honestly before the Lord.

Lord, I lay before You my inner self; my hurts and wounds, my inner motivations, my mixed-bag of faithfulness and faithlessness. Help me parse my inner life so that I can discard sin in its various forms. Use Your Word and my time in it to divide joints and marrow, to help me grow in You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.




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