Saturday, April 8: Galatians 4- Children of promise.

Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise (28).

What a rich image. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are children of promise. Paul uses the analogy of Esau and Isaac, with Isaac being the child of promise. Esau was a ‘natural child’ born of Abraham and Hagar. However, Isaac was a miracle baby, born of Abraham and Sarah both of whom were old (100 and 90 respectively).  Sarah, as you can understand, was well past child bearing age and yet God allowed them to conceive.  Isaac was the fruit of their union.

Isaac was also the son promised to Abraham through whom God would make a great people, which God did! Isaac was the son through whom God’s promise was realized; hence he is the ‘son of promise.’

The wonder of this passage is that Paul equates us –Gentiles believers –as children of promise. God will use us to fulfill His promise to make disciples in every tribe and language and nation and people. We, as ‘children of promise’, are heirs to God’s kingdom and kingdom blessings.

As children of the King we have a responsibility, too, to live as children of the King and ‘keepers and spreaders’ of the blessings of God to the world. We are not ‘children of promise’ for our own sake… we are ‘children of promise’ to bless the world by our presence, witness and manner of living!

God’s still small voice whispers… “Rise up and live into your promise. Seek Me, the promise keeper, and be about my bidding…”

Hmmm… a challenge for today and all the remaining todays the Lord gives me this side of eternity.

Lord God, giver of promise and blessing, I pray for strength and wisdom to live for You today. And in so doing honoring Your promises which You lavishly and graciously gave to me. Thank You and bless You. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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