Saturday, April 29: 1Samuel 16- God's plan unfolds.

Life is becoming faster and faster. Cellphones allow instant access around the world. Email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all increasing the speed of life.  Microwaves cook many things in a fraction of the time of a stove or oven, add to that all the ‘quick cook’ items, like rice in a pouch cooks in 90 seconds. At any moment I can look at my bank accounts and transfer funds with my smartphone, no lines, no hassles… push a few buttons and it’s done. Rocket Mortgage advertises that you can get your mortgage in minutes with the push of a button. I can order something from Amazon and have it in 2 days, guaranteed with Amazon Prime.

The skill of waiting is disappearing.

People are growing impatient for life to unfold. For example, relationships take time to develop, often God’s plan takes time to develop, too.

Although there are few time markers in Saul’s story, it seems his kingship is still in its infancy.

Today we read that David has been anointed by Samuel as the next king. Sounds great, but Saul reigns 40+ years, meaning David will have to wait many years before God’s anointing becomes reality! Now David didn’t know how long it would take, all he knew was that he was anointed and someday God would bring his kingship into being.

God’s plans often take time to unfold.

Will I have the patience to wait and allow God to hone me and prepare me for the tasks He will have me do?

Abraham and Sarah created some problems when they attempted to speed up God’s promise by bringing Hagar into the mix. Not only does God’s plan take time to unfold, I must be patient and allow God to do His unfolding. To race ahead means problems.

This morning as I sit, I am realizing that all of my time sitting with the Lord and serving the Lord is ‘unfolding’ time. I don’t have the experience of an anointing like David had, but God is using every day of faithfulness to hone me to be a man He can and will use in His time when He needs and I am ready…

Oh, Lord, may I be diligent in my service of You, in my study of You and in my devotion and relationship with You so that I am prepared to serve when You call. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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