Tuesday, April 25: 1Samuel 12- Integrity.


Samuel’s final testimony grabbed me. He has led Israel for years and as he prepares to step aside so that Israel’s first king can take over, he calls people to evaluate his integrity.

“I have listened to everything you said to me and have set a king over you. Now you have a king as your leader. As for me, I am old and gray, and my sons are here with you. I have been your leader from my youth until this day. Here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the LORD and his anointed. Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey have I taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe to make me shut my eyes? If I have done any of these things, I will make it right” (1-3).

Samuel’s comments launched me into self-reflection. When life is ebbing and the sunset of my life is cresting will I have lived my life in such a manner that I could stand before family, friends, coworkers, bosses, subordinates, and neighbors and say, “Testify today have I cheated, wronged, hurt or taken advantage of you in any way. If so say so, that I may make it right with you right now.”

The deeper question I am wrestling with today is how must I live to be able to make that kind of a statement in the future? Are there things I need to change and correct in the way I am living today so that I am in a better position to be able to say those things in the future?

Lord, I have much to learn and many areas of growth needed. Guide me into deeper and more faith-filled following. I pray in Jesus, my Lord’s name. Amen.


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