Wednesday, May 20: Acts 27- Faith in Life.

Life can really throw us curveballs. I was thinking about Paul. Basically this chapter is a travel-log of his trip as a prisoner to Rome. What marveled me is how seamlessly his faith expressed itself during the journey. On multiple occasions Paul spoke up about things God had told him. These don’t seem forced or contrived, just genuine expression of his faith.

Paul wore his faith on his sleeve.

Then there was his character; it clearly has been formed by Christ. I found it interesting that the Centurion Julius was kind to Paul, letting him see friends in Sidon (3) and often accepting Paul’s words and council along the way (see 21-26, 31, 33-37). Apparently Paul ingratiated himself to the centurion because when the ship wreak happened, the centurion saved the life of all the prisoners because he wanted to spare Paul’s life (43). In all this I see Paul living a life where the fruit of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23) is evident in his life.

His faith was not only on his sleeve, it was in his heart!

And Paul lived this way through a trying and very difficult time as a prisoner during a rough voyage that ended disastrously.

Watching his example caused me to evaluate my life. Is my faith visible. Can I speak of what I am hearing from the Lord naturally and helpfully? Is my character open and Christ-like?  Do people trust me, even like me? Am I so trusting of God during the dark days of life?

Paul has me thinking… about faith and life. I hope he has you thinking, too.

Lord, to be totally Yours, in good times and bad. This is my prayer, that people will see You in the way I live. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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