Friday, May 13: Leviticus 5- I am responsible.

Two words resonate from the text as I read this morning, ‘unintentionally’ and ‘responsibility’.

The theme of unintentional sin continues in today’s chapter. We certainly have all faced this situation and it is a gift to be relieved of the burden of the guilt. Thank You, Lord.

Still my heart carries concern for intentional sin. I know I am not above the committing of intentional sin. But I set that aside since I wrestled with it yesterday and it does not appear to be addressed in this chapter.

On to my second touch point… responsibility. It is clear that God holds people responsible for their actions, whether or not they realize they are sinning in the moment or not, we are responsible. And when a person realizes they have sinned, they have a course to follow to find atonement.

Good news, there is no time requirement. When you realize you have sinned you can make atonement. If you discover your sin a day later, a week later, a year later you can make atonement and be set free.

Tough news, I am responsible whether I realize it or not. I am responsible for knowing God’s rules so that I know when I break them. Also, there seems to be no extenuating circumstances. I either broke the rule or not, the ‘why’ I broke the rule doesn’t seem to come into play. The burden of self-examination is HUGE.

I feel the weight of the Law pressing down on me.

No wonder Jesus’ Words were so stunning… my burden is easy and my yoke is light (Matthew 11:30). Sin is still sin, responsibility is still responsibility with Jesus. But the constant need for animal sacrifice every time I sin or am guilty is lifted. Instead, I have a constant relationship with God –no priests or intermediaries required. I, we, can talk and confess and move forward hour by hour as needed.

Jesus, thank You for Your yoke. Thank You for every day regular connection I can have with You, the Father and the Spirit through faith and belief in You. Thank You for the forgiveness of all sins. I think again of 1John 1:9, If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. When we confess, You forgive us from ALL unrighteousness. The burden of neurotic self-examination is lifted. Praise be to You, Lord, Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. Amen


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