Thursday, May 5: Psalm 97- My subversive role as a worshipper of God .

For the third morning in a row I am transported to the heavenlies… worshipping the God who is due ALL worship. This God above all gods.  Our God reigns.

The Lord is austere and mysterious… hidden in clouds and darkness (2) with fire before and around Him consuming all enemies (3). He makes the lightening (4); mountains melt before Him (5).

How does one describe the Almighty?  The above does quite well in my opinion.

And so the Psalm builds to verse 9, For you, LORD, are the Most High over all the earth; you are exalted far above all gods. The Lord is almighty!

Then comes a twist, verse 10 opens with an admonition. Let those who love the LORD hate evil… This immediately brought me from the heavens to the earth.

How am I supposed to live, in light of who the Lord is? I am to hate evil?  I am to oppose evil?  I am to stand against evil? I am to stay away from evil?  I am to undermine evil?  I am to stop evil? 

Forced to gaze at my world I see too much evil.  Do I overcome evil with good as Paul directs in Romans 12:21? My weapons are not the weapons of the world, but the weapons of God. And with God good triumphs over evil. Jesus’ goodness and cross defeated evil on the cross and I am to be a cross-bearer in this world.

This twist surprised me… worship should lead me to service, serving the world with the goodness of God. Overcoming evil by God. Loving where the world hates. This is my subversive role as a worshipper of God.

Lord, I have much to process here. A new way to live… Give me strength for this calling. This calling to stand out from the crowd of non-believers by believing through goodness and love. May I be up to this, Lord.  I can be, through Your power, the power of the Holy Spirit within me. For this Holy Spirit power, I pray. Amen.


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