Tuesday, May 23: Leviticus 14- Washed in the blood.

Molds and skin rash diseases… these are important community health issues, but they are not the most inspiring devotional reading. But for the people being prepared to move into their promised land, these are important community regulations.

Devotionally, I found myself considering the concept of two animals, one slaughtered and the other set free (see verse 53). The symbolism is intriguing. One is offered for sin, the second bird, after being dipped in the blood mixture of the sacrificed bird and used in the ritual of cleansing, is set free.

The bird that is set free is “washed in the blood of the sacrifice” before it is set free. Similarly, we, who are in Christ, are washed in the blood of the lamb (Jesus) and then we are set free. We are freed from the punishment our sins deserve and we are free to live in relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In this obscure OT ritual we have a moment of foreshadowing what is to come in the great atonement of Jesus.

I sat for a while and contemplated the gift of Jesus. I have been set free because He was sacrificed.  What a gift! What a wonderful, amazing and underserved gift.

Praise to the Lord, the almighty the King of creation. O my soul praise him for he is my health and salvation…

Lord, Jesus, You are my salvation, literally. Without Your gift on the cross I would be doomed to separation from You, the Father and the Spirit, both now and for all eternity, but that is not the case. Your gift of grace has restored my connection with You, washed away my sins, given me a new heart, one with which I can love You.  You have given me a calling to share what You did for me with others, who, too can be forgiven and redeemed by Your sacrifice on the cross!

Halleluiah!  What a Savior!  Halleluiah!  What a God. Amen and amen.


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