Monday, May 22: Leviticus 13- Care for His community.

It may seem strange to us but the regulations on skin diseases and mold was a major measure of community care. Abiding by these rules would save many people from infection and disease. Even today rules like these exist.

Mold is a huge issue in housing. Landlords are required to mediate mold and homeowners must do the same when they sell.

And skin diseases… my son wrestled and any wrestler with a skin rash needed a doctor’s note to wrestle. To this day molds and rashes are significant issues.

God shows His care for the people by naming these and providing a process of ‘quarantine’ and remediation.

Realizing how much God cared for His OT people, prompted me to think about ways God cares for His people to this day. God’s rules and regulations are for our benefit. Following His way smooths the road of life.

The admonition ‘do not let the sun go down while you are still angry’ comes to mind. How much better life is, especially with those people close and important to me, when I follow this admonition?  Stuff happens and even the closest relationships have rough spots. Making amends quickly is great advice. And when I follow it, life is better! Always!!

God’s ways are like that… they really are excellent life-rules to live by.

One of the joys of spending time in God’s Word regularly is that God’s ways are constantly being embedded into my life…

Lord, thank You for the wonder and gift of Your Word. I know that I know more than I live. I still go my own way too often. So, Lord, I pray and ask for strength and courage to live Your way… it really is the best way. I know that, but I still fall. Forgive me and renew my strength to get up and follow You more and more closely every day of my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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