Tuesday, May 17: Leviticus 8- Devotion.

Moses describes the wonderfully elaborate ordination of Aaron and his sons. I thought about the important place that priests played in Israel’s life. The dramatic the ceremony communicated honor to the priests while recognizing the utter devotion to the Lord required of the priests.

Devotion to God, that phrase stuck to me…

Like the priests, I can go through rituals that communicate devotion to God and these are important, but the confirming witness of my devotion to God is how I live day by day. Will I wake up my next morning and live faithfully throughout the hours of my day?  Will I do that day after day, week after week, as long as I have life and breath?

Devotion to the Lord is proclaimed in rituals and confirmed through living.

On Sunday I proclaimed my devotion by attending worship.  Now I am confirming my devotion through my attention to Scripture and my living throughout the remainder of today…

How about you?

Oh, God… give me strength to live for You. …  Amen.


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