Wednesday, May 24: Leviticus 15- God supplies.

I was taken aback by all the water and the washing. Hygienically this was all very good, but it was quite a surprise. I don’t know the Middle Eastern culture; Muslims do have numerous ritual washings. And Jesus notes the ritual washings of the Jews; so maybe, culturally, Middle Easterners wash and bath frequently. I just don’t know. But I was surprised by the prescribed washing in water.

I remember visiting Plymouth plantation.  The people explained that people, then, bathed only twice a year! They thought you could wash your skin off. I guess this is why I was so surprised by all the washings.

I wondered where they got all the water they needed in the desert? Somehow God supplied what they needed…

And isn’t that the truth?  God supplies what we need for both faith and life. God really does supply.

I found myself considering the many ways God supplies…

Today is my anniversary.  What a gift my wife has been throughout the years. She is a gift of inestimable value!  Thank You, Lord, for the gift of my wife and the MANY ways she breathes Your life into me. God supplies… J

I spent the next moments considering so many ways God supplies.  There have been many times in my life when God directly supplied a specific need.  I don’t know how many years I look back and wonder how we did all we did or paid all our bills.  Where did the money come from? God supplies.

And so my morning went, thinking about the many ways and many times God supplied what was needed. And many times, maybe even most times, God supplied through a gift from some person who may or may not have known my particular need.

The wonder of God…

Lord, thank You for Your provision. As I have received, Lord, I pray that I am open and available to every prompting You send my way to provide for other brothers or sisters in need. As you have blessed me, may I be a blessing to others as You lead. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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