Saturday, May 7: Psalm 99- Forgiveness and justice together.

This Psalm sings of the greatness of our God and with delight from some great names who worshipped Him. It is from of this context that the Psalm proceeds concluding with these words, which bored into my thoughts.

LORD our God,

you answered them;

you were to Israel a forgiving God,

though you punished their misdeeds.

Exalt the LORD our God

and worship at his holy mountain,

for the LORD our God is holy (8-9).

Particularly it was the thought that the Lord is a forgiving God, though He punished misdeeds.

It occurred to me that often I have trouble putting together the thoughts of forgiving and punishing. It is as if I see them as mutually exclusive.  When you forgive you remove the consequences of the wrong. But this Psalm allows me to move in a different direction.

It acknowledges both grace (forgiving) and justice (punishment).

My thoughts flipped to the cross. In order to forgive us God didn’t abandon justice, instead He moved our punishment onto Jesus. Thus both justice and grace were fulfilled.

Wow, my moment in Psalm 99 has become an appreciation for the Lord and how He works! God answers us with forgiveness and justice…

Thank You for the cross, Lord. Thank You for the nail scared hands. Thank you for who You are and how You answer us with forgiveness even as You execute justice. I Love You, Lord, and I owe my life to You. Amen and Amen.


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