Friday, July 22: Numbers 29- Beware complacency.

The recounting of feasts continues. It is important for Israel to maintain her connection with the Lord as she enters the Promised Land, the feasts and sacrifices are her connection with the Lord.

It hit me that when our hopes and dreams come true, when God provides what we imagine and more than we can imagine, that we can fall prey to satisfaction and complacency. Implicit in reiterating these sacrifices and feasts, God is saying to His people, “As you come into the land, don’t forget about Me.”

I have seen this happen in the present day, too. People walk with the Lord and then financial and personal prosperity comes, the good times arrive, and need for and thoughts of the Lord dwindle and sometimes cease.

How sad it is when God’s blessings move us away from the Lord rather than toward Him.

Today’s reading is a warning for me… stay close to the Lord. Don't forget about the Lord as my station in life and my security in life increases…

This might be a word for those who read this chapter, too.

Lord, may my life and service continue to be a pleasing aroma to You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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