Wednesday, July 13: Numbers 21- A picture of life.

Pausing after reading this chapter, I thought, “What a picture of life… victories, failures, and movement from one place to another.”

It can be exhilarating when we get it right and the ‘battle’ goes our way. We feel as if we are on top of the world but life never stays static. As much as we may want to bottle a particular moment, season or time, life never stands still. Life is always in motion.

Israel defeats Arad, annihilates them literally. This must have felt wonderful especially after the disastrous defeat after they sinned against the Lord by not believing Caleb and Joshua.

But they can’t stay there, so they move on and the next season is not so good. Impatience breaks out and whining erupts as supplies dwindle and hardship grows. God judges them.

Isn’t that life? We feel like we are on the top of the mountain and the next step we are knocked down… whether through personal failure or meeting up with a stronger opponent, we find ourselves flat on our back.

Movement comes; we don’t stay in any place forever. Oh, it might feel like forever, especially when it is a place of failure or defeat… but eventually movement comes. Our movement might be slow and almost imperceptible or dramatic.

Life always involves movement.

As I rolled these thoughts around in my head, questions regarding faithfulness formed. During the movements of my life…

Was I faithful? Did I honor God in all things? Did I thank God for the victories and confess my wrongs in failure? Did I recognize God’s grace when victory came even when I was not so brilliant or when failure and defeat could have been so much worse than it turned out to be? Did I ask for and rely on God’s presence in my life or try to manage life on my own?

Was I faithful to my God in all seasons?

Life will change. Ebbs and flows will occur. One constant is the Lord.   Will I honor Him through all my days?

This is where the Lord took me this morning. Where did the Lord take you?

Oh, God, Father Almighty, Lord Jesus, my Savoir, Holy Spirit, my counselor, thank You for never abandoning me or forsaking me. Thank You for offering Your counsel and wisdom in all times, whether I reached out and accepted it or not.

I sit still before You this morning, honoring You above all and rededicating myself and my life to You, Who are Lord of All. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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