Tuesday, July 5: Numbers 14- Consequences.

Actions have consequences… this is a difficult lesson for many people to learn. Too many people these days want a free pass.

This chapter, if it teaches anything, teaches that God holds people accountable for their actions. The Israelites rebelled by not trusting and believing that God would be with them and fight for them as they entered the Promised Land, so God declared that not one adult 20 or older who rebelled would see the Promised Land. The people of Israel would wander the desert until everyone in that generation was buried.

I admit I am tempted often to try and wriggle out of my responsibility… “It’s not my fault… No one told me…” and the like. This is not good, but it is a part of myself I have to regularly confront. Sin lives in me and I need to confront it.

Chapters like today, and there are many in the Bible, teach this lesson. These chapters are a healthy and important reminder for me that God will hold me responsible for the things I do and do not do.

Actions have consequences. My actions have consequences… The Holy Spirit’s voice is loud and clear today…

Oh, God, help me to listen. Help me to grow. Help me to defeat my inner inclination to deflect responsibility. Help me to own my actions and to submit them to You.

Thank You, Lord, for forgiveness. It is a gift I need regularly.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


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