Thursday, July 28: Numbers 34- Boundaries.

Moses lays out the boundaries of the Land.

My devotional thoughts struggled to find a thought to latch onto, so I sat and stilled my heart. In my stillness the word “boundary” continued to rise in my consciousness.

Boundary. Boundaries…

God established boundaries for the land. And God had laid out boundaries for the faith. I found myself pondering the 10 Commandments… the primary faith boundaries in God’s first covenant.

Boundaries protect us. Boundaries mark danger areas. God ordained boundaries help keep followers from much pain and suffering…

Boundaries truly are gifts from God.

Lord, thank You for Your Word, the most comprehensive boundary You have provided. Your word guides my thinking and keeps me within safe bounds. Your word inspires me to live a life of meaning, purpose and faithfulness. Your word inspires me toward love and good deeds. Thank You, Lord God, for Your Word and the safety it offers to my life and all who will listen to it. I thank You and praise You through Jesus, my Lord. Amen.


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