Thursday, July 14: Numbers 22- Looking for answers?.

Today a small feature of this story caught my attention. Verses 4-5 read: The Moabites said to the elders of Midian, “This horde is going to lick up everything around us, as an ox licks up the grass of the field.” So Balak son of Zippor, who was king of Moab at that time, sent messengers to summon Balaam son of Beor, who was at Pethor, near the Euphrates River, in his native land. Balak said: “A people has come out of Egypt; they cover the face of the land and have settled next to me.

The words I bolded and put in red caught my attention. While no one is quite sure where Pethor is located, most scholars put a probable location on the Euphrates, as the text says about 400 miles from Moab. Four hundred miles requires 3+ weeks of travel.

Two things hit me. Balak was frantic to find a way to combat the coming Israelites and Balaam’s reputation had traveled far and wide.

It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths people will go to contact some medium or spiritualist who can help them “know” the future or affect the future. Today people don’t call for Balaam, but they look to horoscopes and mediums; they dive into ‘religions’ like Scientology (while on vacation in Amsterdam I walked by a bookstore with a huge display of Hubbard’s introductory book Dianetics.) A recent expose reveal how fraudulent Scientology can be. Other people will travel to a guru in India in search of meaning.

How sad I felt, because the God of the Scriptures has all the answers we need for life here and in eternity. We don’t have to travel to exotic places in the world or spend gobs of money, all we need to do is reach out to Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). He alone has everything a person needs.

If you are searching for peace and answers, reach out to Jesus today… I did 40+ years ago and I have been walking with Jesus ever since. He won’t let you down.

Thank You, Jesus, for finding me so many years ago and for being with me every day since. I love You. In Your name, Jesus, I pray. Amen



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