Wednesday, July 27: Numbers 33- It is good to remember our 'history'.

On the plains of Moab shortly before Israel was to enter the Promised Land, a new chapter in their life, Moses records and reminds the people of their history.

It is good to remember and recount our history.  One great time to do this is as you begin a new season of life. New seasons are not always discernable at the start, but when they are, it is a good time to recall where you have come from so you can see where you are going.

Not long ago my church transferred denominations and we took a Sunday to recall the process, which took a long time. We remembered where we came from and looked forward to the adventure the new denomination will open for us.

Personally, I recently went through the exercise of writing my spiritual autobiography. Looking back over my life, I noted ways the Lord was working in my life long before I gave my heart and soul to following Jesus. I also remembered many of the times the Lord orchestrated things in my life. I saw God’s activity in the lowest times of life and in my darkest days. It was a powerful experience for me and a great way for the small group I was with to get a brief on my life in Jesus. This spiritual autobiography was much more comprehensive than a standard testimony and the fullness of the story was one of the highlights for me and for the others.

Both my church and I went through a dedicated time of remembering and recording our histories similar to what Moses did in Numbers and Deuteronomy.

I am so glad I did this exercise. It helped confirm and remind me how the Lord has been active in my life in the past… giving me faith that He will continue to do so in the future.

I commend the exercise of recounting your spiritual autobiography… and so live out what God did through Moses on the plains of Moab.

Thank You, Lord, for being there with and for me all of my life, for moving and working and drawing me to You. I love You, Lord, and I offer my life to serve You and Your kingdom until my final earthly breath. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


If you want to know more about writing your Spiritual autobiography, drop me an email. I found some helpful resources that I can pass on to you.


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