Tuesday, July 26: Numbers 32- Community First.

In a surprising request some of the Israelites ask to have their inheritance on the east side of the Jordan. Understanding that rivers could become a barrier and there was a possibility that these people were choosing the easy way out - not having to fight alongside everyone else in conquering the land - Moses is at first upset.

Then as things get talked out and the opportunity is fleshed out, Moses lays out an option that provides a winning situation for everyone.

The keystone of the agreement is that the men will cross the Jordan and will fight for all Israel in the conquest to come. In essence Moses says, “We are a community, a family first. Let’s put the community first above our individual and personal needs”. Everyone agrees.

In my 21st century ‘me first’ world, I struggle to understand ‘community first’ thinking. “Does it still hold?” I wonder.  Paul’s comments about the body in 1Corinthians 12 and 13 tells me that in God’s eyes, ‘community first’ still holds in the church or at least it should.

And this launches an entire line of thinking in me.  How might I serve the church? And then on the flip side, in what ways do I hold back myself from my church family? In what ways do I continue to put ‘me first’ to the detriment of my church family?

Brooding and pondering this carries me in my time with Jesus today.

Lord, what would You have me do to put Your family higher up in my priority list? Are there ways I can give and serve that I am holding back on? Show me, Lord, how to more fully be a part of Your body, to use what You have given me for Your body’s sake and to hurt when part of Your body hurts. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.


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