Saturday, July 2: Numbers 12- Sibling rivalry.

Moses is the youngest child. Miriam is the oldest and Aaron is the middle child. What a family dynamic they had!

Apparently Miriam had it and was tired of Moses –the baby –getting all the attention so she asserts herself with Aaron tagging along. Aaron the middle child -the let’s all get along child- goes along with his big sister.

Well, the Lord will have none of this and the Lord rebukes Miriam in front of the entire community. Moses is not some run of the mill leader or even prophet. Moses stands in a unique position in all of Israel because God spoke face to face with Moses (8).

God settled the challenge against Moses once and for all.

It seems that every leader will face challenges. In humility, Moses was quiet in the face of this challenge but God defended him.

From this one account it is not responsible to say that God will run to the aid of every child who is challenged, opposed or maligned by someone else. But it is good to realize that God does, at times of His choosing, defend His children when they are wrongfully accused.

It is even better for me to watch Moses and realize that a person does not have to ‘change his/her spots’ in order to do great things for God in the world. Moses, the most humble man on earth, didn’t have to become aggressive to avert Miriam’s challenge. NO, he could stay true to his Lord, to the person the Lord created him to be and the character God had developed in him as the opposition raged. He allow God to sort out the mess.

Watching Moses I am realizing that developing godly character should be a life goal… becoming more and more like my Lord and so honoring Him with my life.


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