Saturday, July 9: Numbers 18- The tithe, good for the heart.

Instead of receiving a land inheritance the Levites lived off the people’s tithe but even the Levites were to tithe 10% from what they received (25-26).

Hmmmm… even those who live off the tithe are to tithe to the Lord.

I found myself thinking about giving of my first 10% to the Lord.

Why is the tithe so important? What did it do? What did it teach?

From this passage, the tithe provided for the families who cared for the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle, and later the Temple, was the heart of Israel. It was God’s home among the people, the place of worship, sacrifice and atonement. The tithe kept the Tabernacle sacrifices going by providing for the people who kept the Tabernacle going.

SO, one reason for the tithe was to keep the worship of God visible and alive in Israel.

The tithe also taught dependence on God. Everyone depends on God for provision. It may not feel that way. We may feel like we ‘earned’ it, but when I pause for a moment or two to think about this, the Lord is the one who gave me the aptitudes and opportunities to make the living in the first place. By giving back to the Lord the first 10%, I am thanking God for all He has given me and I am recognizing that I cannot live without Him. I am also learning that I do not need everything I have, instead I can use some of what I have to help others.

As I ponder this ,I realize the tithe… it is good for the heart!

Lord, thank you for the people who taught me to tithe. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of the tithe. I am blessed to provide for worship of You and I am delighted to help spread Your name around this globe through the tithe.

Lord, God, to partner with You in this world is a delight!  Bless You and thank you, Lord. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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