Thursday, July 7: Numbers 16- God is sovereign.

Korah is an infamous name in Israelite history. Korah led a rebellion against the Lord by challenging the Lord’s tribal design. Korah wanted the status of priest. Korah disregarded God’s Word and planned to establish a rival priesthood.

The Lord dealt with this rebellion swiftly and decisively!

As I think on this, I realize that it is one thing to struggle with the plain meaning of what God has spoken, but it is another level entirely to lead a rebellion against God’s clearly stated way. Korah understood what God had said, but he challenged God’s way and led others to disobey God’s way.

The Lord doesn't always act so decisively, but it is in God’s prerogative to act decisively whenever He chooses. Korah, Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5), Herod (Acts 12:23) are other examples.

Where my heart and mind goes with this story is to recognize that God is the ultimate judge and He will judge in accordance with His Word.  Blatant disregard for God’s Word, especially when it leads others astray, will reap God’s wrath.

Therefore, I need to be constantly checking my beliefs against God’s Word. Am I always willing to adjust my thinking and my behavior to fit what God says? This involves a lifelong endeavor to know more and more fully and follow more and more closely God’s Word.

Am I studying to know God’s Word so that I (you) can live faithfully? Are you?

Am I willing to follow God when His way is different that the way my culture says is the way to live? Are you?

Is there anywhere I know I need to make an adjustment to align with God’s way? How about you?

Oh, Lord, lead me, show me, teach me… Your way. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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