Friday, August 5: Psalm 113- God is good, all the time.

In some Christian settings I hear people say, “Praise the Lord” all the time. In Nigeria where I teach yearly, it seems like anytime a person speaks in public you must start with “Praise the Lord.” In other circles, some groups have a call and response that goes like this:

God is good…

All the time

All the time…

God is good.

Declarations like these can be good for the soul, but they can also be a rote response with little or no thought connected to them. When someone says “Good morning” to me, I will automatically reply, “Good morning” back. I may or may not honestly engage the individual with my response.

The Psalmist begins as a number of Psalms begin, Praise the Lord (1). However, the Psalmist is not content to let his/her opening words be mere formality. From the opening, the Psalmist dives into why we can praise the Lord and he lists a number of God’s attributes (The Lord is exalted above all nations, v 4) and deeds (The Lord raises the poor and lifts the needy, v7).

It hit me as I was considering this Psalm, what would I write as my reasons to shout, “Praise the Lord” or “God is good?”

I, too, could praise God for who He is… mighty and powerful, above all gods and over all nations, gracious and slow to anger, just and my justifier.  It does my heart good to consider the wonders of who God is. God is great and mighty.

Like the Psalmist, I would then shift my focus to praising God for what He has done. I would praise Him for things like:

·         Sending Jesus to bear my sins on the cross and for teaching the way back to God

·         Sending the Holy Spirit to be with me all the time, teaching, leading and empowering me to live for and serve my God

·         Health and provision for me and my family

·         The goodness of a spouse who has loved me and helped me become more like Jesus

·         The church and my church, sisters and brothers who walk with me and love me as we walk the way of Jesus together.

God truly is good… all the time. And recalling who God is and some of the many things He has done is a perfect way to begin my day and place myself in His hand for the day.

Lord, God, thank You for this Psalm, both a prayer to pray and an example of prayer from which I create my own song of praise. Bless You Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I love You and I offer You my life and my all today. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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