Monday, August 15: Deuteronomy 7- Dealing with the gods of this world.

My attention was drawn to verses 25-26, so I sat with these words and pondered them and meditated upon them.

The images of their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the LORD your God. Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.

I wondered if there were ways I invite the gods of my world into my home?

Who are some of the gods of my world?

·         Materialism & consumerism… the constant wanting of more and better and nicer stuff

·         Power and prestige… my culture likes being on top, people like the perks that being on top adds to life.

·         Recreation… it is almost a ‘religious’ right to have fun, take vacations, have a ‘lake or beach’ place, etc.

·         Retirement… I have worked hard for many years and now I get to ‘enjoy life’ and spend all my time on myself

·         Family… I know this one sounds strange, but sometimes I wonder if people in my culture make family a god. The kids’ sports, music, dance, etc. takes priority over worship and youth activities and developing ones discipleship in the Lord.

·         Sports… people are obsessed with professional sports. Thousands of dollars are spent on attending sporting events and great athletes are almost ‘gods.’ And game times, especially for football, are religiously adhered to.

Now do I allow these into my home?  Yes, to some degree I do, but I do not think I do so in a religious manner. But honesty says I must think about these and bring them to the Lord.

There is some difference between these issues and the actual idols that Israel was being warned against. These issues are not literal idols (though they certainly can become an idol if we allow it). And none of these issues are inherently evil like an actual idol; so they are not a direct connect to the meaning of the text. Still they are topics that a disciple should bring to the Lord and allow Him to speak into our lives. And this is what I will do the remainder of my time with the Lord this morning. 

Lord, as Your son, I do not want to allow anything to disrupt my connection and devotion to you. Please speak with me and let me know if I am allowing any of these cultural issues to impede my spiritual growth or my daily walk with You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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