Monday, March 10: Ephesians 4- Bathing in the wonder of God.

As I read chapter 4 it became apparent that Paul turned a corner in his letter. Paul changed from teaching the message/content of the faith to instructing us on how we are to live in light of the faith he has taught. Chapter 4 is all about who we are to be and how we should live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Despite the ‘be and do’ aspect of the chapter, it was a description of God that caught my heart and drew me into meditation. Verse 6: one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

All the ‘alls’ caught my attention. God is Father of all… He is over all, through all and in all. The thought that came to mind is sovereign. God is sovereign.

Father of all… God is the great and only Creator. God is the one who brought into being everything we know, see and discover. Father is also a relational term. God has relationship with all as Father.

God is over, through and in all. WOW. ‘Over all’ speaks to being sovereign. Paul is affirming and confirming that God is sovereign. The ‘through and in all’ caused me to ponder. Seems that Paul was saying God’s presence permeates all of creation. The ‘all’ suggests more than simply humans, but should probably be all of the world, thus all creation. One writer said this, He is transcendent, pervasive and immanent. … Nothing takes place in isolation from him.* That brought from me another, WOW. Nothing exists apart from God. Nothing.

I found myself bathing in the wonder of God. God is truly more that I can even imagine!

Lord, God, thank You for this invitation to think on You, Your greatness, wonder, transcendence, importance. I am humbled that You chose to reveal Yourself to me and that You gave Your written word to the world. Through Your Word I can be drawn into knowing You, worshipping Your and loving You. Praise be to You Lord, God. Amen


* From The IVP New Testament Commentary Series – Ephesians.


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