Friday, October 7: Mark 5- We still need Jesus.

How many people come to Jesus because of need? In this chapter alone we have the synagogue leader and the woman. Need causes us to do good things and bad.

The poor person who is trying to feed a family might steal to get food. The synagogue leader goes to this traveling rabbi and miracle worker named Jesus.  Need drives us…

I started thinking about the upper-middle class lifestyle in the USA. We are working so very hard to eliminate need.  Much of this is so very good, creating lives where food, shelter, healthcare, education are a given, but, and so often there is a ‘but,’ as we create these comfortable lives we are lessening the need for God. Human advance provides what former generation sought from God.

In my 21st century life neither Jairus nor the woman with bleeding would have needed Jesus; they would likely have gone to a doctor.

We humans will never be able to eliminate need so the door will always be open to people to look to Jesus.

In my world of plenty, I am wondering how I should live in order to make people, with plenty of material blessings, aware they still have need for Jesus…

Oh, Lord, help me. I am not very successful in showing people who do not yet believe in You, the great joy, blessing and value I have found in serving and following You.. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.



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