Saturday, October 8: Mark 6- Can Jesus be seen in me?.

I found myself wondering about Jesus’ birth family. Mary we know about and we know she was part of the early Church. James and Judas (Jude) wrote letters included in the NT. But what about Joseph and Simon? Today’s chapter and its parallel in Matthew 13 are the only places that these two brothers are mentioned. And sisters only get generically named.

What I was really wondering was if these two brothers and sisters of Jesus became followers of Jesus or not. The clearest answer is that we do not know. James and Jude, as I noted above, not only were believers but were contributors to the NT. But there is not information about Joseph and Simon. Acts 1:14 says, They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers. But this reference could only refer to Jude and James, so it is really no help. And his sisters are not mentioned in connection with the early church at all.

So I wondered…

Maybe ‘yes’ and maybe ‘no’.

There are no guarantees. Even in the most faithful of families there is no guarantee that all the family will believe in Jesus. Each person has free will and only by the sovereign work of God in a person’s life does faith blossom.

We can share, we can witness, we can live congruent and faith-filled lives that point others to Jesus, but there are no guarantees.

Is it futile to witness then? Absolutely not. As we witness in word and deed we glorify our Father in heaven and it is often our moments of witness that the Holy Spirit uses to introduce people to Jesus.

So I thought… Lord, am I living my life in ways that others see You through my living?

I pray so… how about you? Is your life pointing others to Jesus?

Lord, may my life point others to You. This is my simple pray, prayed in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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