Monday, October 10: Mark 7- Majoring in the minors.

The Pharisees in the first story of the chapter major in the minors. They get all uptight about eating without washing hands yet gloss over the withholding of money needed to care for their parents. Jesus takes them to task for their behavior.

I wondered about my life.  Are there times when I major in the minors? Are there times when I focus on the less significant, even insignificant, issues of faith and life while at the same time missing the call to love others near to the heart of God issues? Only through honest self-examination can I hope to discover if I am acting like a Pharisee.

“Keep short accounts,” God whispers into my thoughts. “Check in regularly with Me, that way correction will be simpler and sin-filled patterns will not have time to become engrained in your life,” continues the Spirit of God.

Lord, I still need to grow in the practice of self-examination. Help me, Jesus, to grow in this practice so that my life will reflect more and more clearly Your life, Jesus, my Lord. This I pray in Your name. Amen.


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