Thursday, October 6: Mark 4- Is Jesus changing me?.

I tried to imagine what it must have been like for the disciples to learn who Jesus truly was. They sit at His feet all day and hear Him teach like no one has ever taught. The parables were confusing at first but then Jesus explains them. In yesterday’s chapter Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath, which he knew would spark a flashback by the religious leaders. And then to top it off, today's chapter ends with a spectacular storm calming miracle! Their heads must have been spinning.

I sit and read these events but they don't hit me as if I witnessed them first hand. I have 2000+ years of church teaching that prepare me to read the stories of Jesus.  Lately I have been reading books about World War 2. I am fascinated and really enjoy these books. But no story, however well told, can be the same as the men who lived it firsthand... men who heard the speeches and fought the battles.

Jesus is doing all these things that disciples have never seen or heard about. It had to be blowing their minds. No wonder it took them a long time to truly believe… their entire world view was being reshaped!

I may not have lived back then, but I have to allow the Lord to reshape my life daily as He forms me into the person who emulates Him in my world.

The thought penetrates.  Am I emulating Jesus? Am I allowing His life, love and desires invade my life and change me?

What a great question to mull over during this day…

Oh, Jesus, help me to read Your Gospels with such intensity that they shock me and rearrange my world view and my life. I pray this in Your name, Jesus.  Amen.



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