Wednesday, October 12: Mark 9- .

I found myself mulling over and chewing on verse 1. And he said to them, “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see that the kingdom of God has come with power.”

This is a curious statement.

It certainly is not referring to Jesus’ second coming at the end of days, since that has not happened and the time line for this word is over.

It could refer to the transfiguration which is the next story, but it would be a curious introduction to an event about to happen.

Some have suggest it refers to Pentecost but if so, this verse is the only allusion to Pentecost in Mark’s Gospel, so this feels unlikely.

It could refer to Jesus’ death on the cross when He defeats Satan inaugurating God’s new work and kingdom. This seems more plausible since the account before is about Jesus’ death and a bit later in this chapter Jesus again teaches about His death.

For me tying this to the resurrection seems most likely, but I don’t know that anyone can be definitive about the precise connection.

What is clear is that God’s kingdom has come in power, not necessarily in fullness, but the kingdom has come in power. And this communicated a great deal to me. Living in a time after the death of Jesus’ contemporaries, it means that I live in a time when Jesus’ kingdom is here with power.

Power to do what? Defeat Satan and all the enemies of God. Save sinners. Bring justice to broken systems. Heal the sick and hurting. Connect people with their God and Creator. Announce the day of the Lord and good news to all.

We, who are alive, live in that day! God’s kingdom may not yet have come in fullness, but it is breaking into our dark and hurting world. And we are God’s messengers announcing God’s good news and as we stay connected to Jesus we can announce it with the power of God.

How can I live into this today? How can you? It is our calling and our opportunity… let’s seize the day and bring glory to our God!

Send me out today to announce Your Kingdom. Send me out to witness in word and deed that Your kingdom is present with power. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen


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