Monday, January 11: Genesis 1- The beginning.

I became engrossed in the story as I read on a pitch black early morning. In the span of a few verses, the story moves from only God to God plus world and heavens and life. An amazing transformation brought into being through the voice and command of God alone.

“Let there be…” and there was.

I sit staring and pondering those 3 words, “Let there be.”

That is all the Lord God needed to create.

I tinker in my wood shop. I have built tabletops and turned dozens of bowls on my lathe. Everything I have ever made took time, energy, tools, and skill on my part. Additionally, I needed the actual wood material plus metal fasteners, various sanding grits and then different kinds of finishes depending upon use. Also there was space in my shop and electricity for my tools and lights and heat during the winter months. Countless people invented and produced everything I needed so that I could ‘create’ the wooden items I produced!

All God needed to do was speak, “Let there be.”

I sat in awe. I marveled at God’s greatness.

What a gift that God would put His story on paper so that people could know Him.

I am awed, amazed, delighted and humbled by His greatness and my smallness.

I bow in thought and prayer to the One who made everything…

O, God, You are great and mighty. You are sovereign and over all. You are Lord. You are God. You are everything! Praise be to You, Lord God, Creator of all things. Praise be to You. Amen and Amen.


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