Saturday, January 30: Genesis 18- Bargaining for a bad town...

Abraham’s conversation with the Lord regarding Sodom raised an interesting question in my heart. Would I bargain with God to save a corrupt city, or country?

I focused on the conversation and what it told me about Abraham’s heart. Abraham’s benevolence and heart rattled me as I pondered this text through this lens.

I am afraid that my heart is much more callous. I’m afraid that I might relish the destruction of the wicked even if it cost innocent righteous people’s lives. Abraham was begging God to save a city filled with vile people for the sake of a handful of righteous people. That’s heart.

As I considered this, thoughts flashed to a friend, Peter, who is living in West Africa with the sole intention of being God’s light to people there. In some ways he is a modern day Abraham.

Through his life, Peter is saying, “God, these people, forgotten and bypassed, some of whom are vile, are valuable and worth caring for in the chance that my life can influence a few to connect with You, God.”

It is a radical way to live... pleading with God for the life of vile people for the sake of the influence of a few righteous people living among the vile.

This is just a seminal thought for me. I need to let it stew and steep within me, but it certainly is a new way for me to think about this story from Abraham’s life.

Lord, if this thought is of You, burrow deeply into my heart, change me from the inside out that my life will reflect more closely Your life. This is my prayer, prayed in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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