Monday, January 18: Genesis 7- Aberration or root cause.


In a span of 6 chapters we have witnessed the creation in all of its variety and splendor… ‘everything is good’ (Genesis 1:31). And the degradation and breakdown into sin of humanity starting with Adam and Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:vv). Murder, and God only knows what else, followed (Genesis 4:ff) as the ravages of sin effect human existence.

With Noah and the flood story, God yells, “Enough!” Except for Noah’s small family band, God cleanses the human petri dish and with that action wipes the dish clean except for any sin that may exist in Noah’s family band.

Will sin generate again… indicating it is systemic within humanity or has sin been eradicated?

This question leaves us hanging as the chapter ends.

Sadly, I know the answer. All I have to do is check out the latest news. Murder, death, and mayhem fill the news cycles. Sin is very much alive and well devastating humanity once more.

Sin is systemic! It breeds within us like a nasty virus ravaging some, more than others, but infecting all.

Sin is systemic! It breeds within me like a nasty virus ravaging, infecting me.

Thanks be to God I live after Jesus. His blood, the antidote, spiritual heart surgery (confessing Jesus to be Lord, facing and seeking forgiveness for sin and walking with Jesus into newness of life) is the answer.

Have you made Jesus Lord of your life? Think about it.

Jesus, save me from myself… from the sin that lies within me. Help me to follow You with all my life. I pray in Your name, Jesus. Amen.




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