Wednesday, January 13: Genesis 3- God's perfect world unravels.

Adam and Eve could not stop themselves from the singular NO God established. They ate the forbidden fruit!

The serpent sowed doubt in the command God gave and that tiny opening allowed him to undermine any conviction they had to remain faithful.  They took and they ate and sin corrupted human life from that day forward.

Doubt… “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman (4). That tiny speck of uncertainty allowed wrong thoughts to enter.

Doubt… “Did God really say…? Does God really mean…? This smallest of thoughts ruins lives to this day.

My thoughts turn inward… where do I continue to doubt? Where do I continue to NOT trust? Where do I think, “Ah, it is no big deal”? These are places where sin continues to reign in my life, where the effects of the fall live with mighty fury in my life.

It is my sin, your sin, Adam and Eve’s sin that necessitated Jesus’ coming to be the final answer for sin… God’s ATONEMENT!

Jesus didn’t make sin stop in His followers lives, He paid for it!

O, God I stepped into sin with my forbearers, Adam and Eve. I continue to step into sin every day I live. And You still love me! And You have saved me! And You opened my eyes to embrace what You have done for humanity. Thank You Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Thank You!!! Amen.


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