Friday, December 2: 1Corinthians 5- Am I proud of any sin in my life? .

Sex has been an issue of temptation for millennia. Submitting our sexual wants and desires to the Lord and His will and way does not come naturally. We are sexual beings and the drive is strong. Knowing this the Lord lays down His parameters for sex within His will.  Sex is only for a married wife and husband. Acting on urges outside of this is wrong in God’s eyes.

Corinth not only allowed sexual activity outside of God’s boarders, they were proud that it was occurring within their family!

Today’s chapter scolds the entire church, not simply the offending party. Being proud of sin in our midst is NEVER in line with the Lord and His will.

I cannot help but think of the modern church. Many local churches and even denominations are falling prey to this same God-dishonoring pride that gripped the Corinthians in chapter 5.

Oh, God, call Your errant church back to your side.

But since this is my personal time with the Lord, it is time to look inside. Am I proud of any sin in my life? Pointing fingers at others is much easier than examining oneself. Back to the question of the day, ‘Am I proud of any sin in my life?’

Guide me, Oh Lord, in my interior examination. Give me courage to probe sensitive places. Bring trusted friends into my life who can walk with me and help me be honest with self and You.

I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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