Thursday, December 1: 1Corinthians 4- Examining self.

Now, brothers and sisters, I have applied these things to myself … (6)

This almost hidden partial sentence grabbed me and pulled me in. The idea that Paul applied the lessons he is presenting to himself challenged me. Will I do the same? Do I do the same?

Paul, one of the great apostles, applied the teachings to his life. I mean, this is obvious but somehow these words spoke to me… I think they spoke to me because it is so easy to NOT do this.

I can study a passage and see a great truth or be convicted by a word and in the end not do a thing about it. As a teacher I can spout the wisdom of God but not faithfully live under it. Can’t we all?

Paul’s example raises the bar for me. These God-inspired words call to me, shouting. “Examine yourself. Look inside. Bill, are you applying what you know from My Word?”

As I sift these words through my mind and heart, I notice that they express a completed action. I have applied…  It is a done deal. It is not I will apply or I would like to apply, but I have applied! I have done this.

This observation bounces back to me.... Have I? Is my devotion to the Lord filled with actions or merely hopes?

And so God’s Word burrowed into my inner being… time has come to cease pondering the Word in its riches and to begin living the Word.

Lord, I extend my hand and heart to You. Walk with me as I apply Your Word to myself.

Lord, I pray for mercy in those areas where I have fallen and repeatedly fall. I pray for courage as I apply and it hurts. I pray for joy as my life more and more closely resembles Jesus in my everyday living. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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