Wednesday, December 28: 2Corinthians 6- Co-workers with God.

As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. … I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation (1-2).

The opening 3 words of the chapter grabbed hold of me. They wouldn’t let me go, so I returned to them after my reading and sat with them before me and allowed the Spirit of God to speak.

As God’s co-workers… I don’t know that I realized this when I put my trust in Jesus but at that moment I became God’s co-worker. I had to let that sink in. By the grace and call of God, I am God’s co-worker. I work with God to see that His aims and goals are being accomplished here in the world. This is a staggering thought… at least for me.

Choose the biggest names in business, government or art and attached the same wording to a person that comes to mind…

I am Barack Obama’s co-worker. I work with Barack to see that his aims and goals are being accomplished here in the world.

I am Bill Gate’s co-worker. I work with Bill to see that his aims and goals are being accomplished through The Gates Foundation here in the world.

And so on and so on…

Bill and Barack are certainly important people in the world today.  If I truly was a co-worker helping them accomplish their goals that would be something for which I would be proud of and for which I would work hard. I think of the Gate’s Foundations goal to eradicate malaria and other major diseases in the world; this is certainly a worthy goal.

As great as that would be, I am not Bill Gates’ co-worker.

I am, however, God’s co-worker and that is even more impressive. God has commissioned me to see that His aims and ways are spreading and taking hold throughout the world. That’s my commission… and it is the commission of every believer in Jesus.

We are God’s co-workers and I, for one, have to make God’s aims and goals my priority if I am going to fulfill God’s desires for me as His co-worker.

Wow, this is a lot to chew on…

God give me strength… give me courage… give me wisdom to live as Your co-worker. Sold out to You and Your will and way. I pray in the name of my Lord, Jesus Amen.



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